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Processing Your Feelings After Watching ‘When They See Us’

For those of you that have tuned in to watch the four part Netflix miniseries, “When They See Us”, directed by Ava Duvernay capturing the story of the five falsely accused and wrongfully convicted Black boys, it is by no surprise that you may be “feeling some type of way.” Over the last couple of […]

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Relationships, Social Media and the Rules of Engagement

You may not want to admit it but nowadays, social media says A LOT about who you are.  We’re obviously long from the days of Instant Messaging our pen pals, but we may have taken a sharp detour into a different place called ‘Instagram: A day in the life of [Insert your name here]’ town. […]

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On the Couch with Mary Jane Paul, Session 1

One of the major reasons I started Therapy for Black Girls was to reduce the stigma associated with seeking therapy. It’s important to change the community narrative that therapy is only for “crazy” people. Therapy is not only helpful to relieve symptoms of mental illness. It’s also incredibly useful in increasing mental wellness. Sometimes these […]

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