Have you been spending more time than you care to admit scoping out your ex’s Instagram feed? Are you feeling certain that there will never find anyone else who loves you like your ex did? Are you having trouble imagining your life with anyone else? It sounds like you might be stuck and could use a breakup coach. As your coach, my job is to call out the blind spots and to help you navigate this uncomfortable terrain in the most supportive, yet challenging way possible.

My approach to helping you get unstuck involves  two phases: 1) assessment and 2) action.


The assessment phase of our work together involves some soul – searching and time spent answering the tough questions. Some things we will explore include your ideas about why the relationship ended, your expectations for this relationship and future ones, and the factors that are contributing to you feeling stuck. Many times our difficulty letting go of an ex has less to do with them and more to do with some other issue we need to confront.


The action phase of our work together will focus on helping you to discontinue contact with your ex ( I know, this is the part everyone hates), helping you to refocus on areas that may have gotten lost in the relationship, and helping you get ready to date again ( I know that’s the furthest thing from your mind right now, but I promise you’ll get there).

My approach as a coach is uber supportive and uber direct. You can cry as long as you need to and I will be right there to offer you Kleenex. But when it’s time, I will also call you on your stuff in the most loving way possible. I know you don’t want to feel stuck forever and in order for us to get moving we will have to roll up our sleeves and get dirty!

Are you ready to get unstuck? Or at least a little less stuck than you are now? If so, then let’s get started.

Individual coaching with me is $200 per 60 minute session. We can meet either in my office in Decatur, GA or virtually using a confidential online platform.

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I’m glad you’re taking this step for yourself. You deserve to feel better!