The Therapy for Black Girls Directory assists Black women in finding mental health professionals who are passionate about providing high quality, culturally competent services. Since its inception in December 2016, the directory has been shared more than 32,000 times across social media platforms, and was featured in both BuzzFeed’s Another Round Newsletter and The Friend Zone Podcast, from the Loud Speakers Network. Additionally, the directory is featured in the September 2017 issue of The Oprah Magazine.  Black women are looking to connect with amazing therapists, and the Therapy for Black Girls Directory is their go-to search tool.


What Kind of Exposure Will I Get From Being in the Directory?

  • The directory is mentioned in each episode of the Therapy for Black Girls Podcast and shared in the show notes for each episode. The podcast averages 154,000 listens per month and was listed by Black Enterprise as one of the 16 Best Black-Hosted, Smart, and Funny Podcasts of 2017. 
  • The directory is constantly shared on social media with the 84,000 plus members of the Therapy for Black Girls community.
  • Word of mouth sharing from both clients who have been successful in finding excellent therapists by using the directory and others invested in the mental wellness of Black women and girls.


What Our Colleagues Are Saying!

I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for creating your therapist directory! It is a much needed resource. I’ve gotten an abundance of referrals from your directory in just the past week or so, and I am so grateful to you for creating this space.

Jihan Madyun, LICSW, Washington DC

I am so grateful for this incredible resource and safe place for Black girls and women to obtain valuable resources and also receive messages of destigmatizing therapy. I was so honored to learn that both previous clients and a current client nominated me for the directory, and since then, more than ten women, most of whom have never been in therapy, have been able to receive therapy in my practice after finding me in your directory. I just want to thank you and let you know you are making a giant difference in the community with your site.”

Dr. JB Rose, Psychologist, Chicago, IL

I just want to thank you for creating the therapist directory. It’s an extremely helpful resource. My practice has received several referrals.

Leslie Garcia, LCSW, New York, NY

This directory has been a godsend. It has brought awareness to the African American community about counseling. I have been able to connect and provide services for so many people who may not have found me otherwise in such a saturated area.

Dr. Natalie Jones, Psychologist, Oakland, CA

Being included in this directory has lead to direct client referrals within my community. These clients have been motivated and excited to work with a fellow Black therapist. Thank you Dr. Joy for providing such a needed service!

Dr. Janae Taylor,  Psychologist, Virginia Beach, VA

Can I Take a Peek?

Sure! Therapist pictures are shown gallery style on a page for each state. Potential clients click on your lovely picture and a pop-up of your information, including details about your specialties, will be shown. Clients will be able to visit your website from the pop-up.


What’s the cost?

You can have your practice information shared with thousands of Black women looking for a therapist like you for $15/month, with the option to cancel anytime.  Ready to get connected?